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All the procedures in chapter 1 operate on simple numerical data, and simple data are not sufficient for many of the problems we wish to address using computation.

Programs are typically designed to model complex phenomena, and more often than not one must construct computational objects that have several parts auto assembler satoshi order to model real-world phenomena that have several aspects.

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Thus, whereas our focus in chapter 1 was on building abstractions by combining procedures to form compound procedures, we turn in this chapter to another key aspect of any programming language: the means it provides for building abstractions by combining data objects to form compound data. We will see how data abstraction makes programs much easier to design, maintain, and modify. The use of compound data leads to a real increase in the expressive power of our programming language.

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Suppose we would like to express, in procedural terms, the idea that one can form linear combinations whenever addition and multiplication are defined — for rational numbers, complex numbers, polynomials, or whatever.

The key point is that the only auto assembler satoshi linear-combination should need to know about a, b, x, and y is that the procedures add and mul will perform the appropriate manipulations.

From the perspective of the procedure linear-combination, it is irrelevant what a, b, x, and y are and even more irrelevant how they might happen to be represented in terms of more primitive data. This same example shows why it is important that our programming language provide the ability to manipulate compound objects directly: Without this, there is no way for a procedure such as linear-combination to pass its arguments along to add and mul without having to know their detailed auto assembler satoshi.

We begin this chapter by implementing the rational-number arithmetic system mentioned above [esempio che non ho riportato].

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This will form the background for our discussion of compound data and data abstraction. As with compound procedures, the main issue to be addressed is that of abstraction as a technique for coping with complexity, and we will see how data abstraction enables us to erect suitable abstraction barriers between different parts of a program. There are many possible kinds of glue.

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We will also explore some conventional techniques for representing sequences and trees. One key idea in dealing with compound data is the notion of closure — that the glue we use for combining data objects should allow us to combine not only primitive data objects, but compound data objects as well.

Another key idea is that compound data objects can serve as conventional interfaces for combining program modules in mix-and-match ways. We illustrate some of these ideas by presenting a simple graphics language that exploits closure.

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We will then augment the representational power of our language by introducing symbolic expressions — data whose elementary parts can be arbitrary symbols rather than only numbers. We explore various alternatives for representing sets of objects.

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We will find that, just as a given numerical function can be computed by many different computational processes, there are many ways in which a given data structure can be represented in terms of simpler objects, and the choice of representation can have significant impact on the time and space requirements of processes that manipulate the data. We will investigate these ideas in the context of symbolic differentiation, the representation of sets, and the encoding of information.

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Next we will take up guadagna velocemente 20mila problem of working with data that may be represented differently by different parts of a program.

This leads to the need to implement generic operations, which must handle many different types of data. Maintaining modularity in the presence of generic auto assembler satoshi requires more powerful abstraction barriers than can be erected with simple data abstraction alone.

In particular, we introduce data-directed programming as a technique that allows individual data representations to be designed in isolation and then combined additively i.

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To illustrate the power of this approach to system design, we close the chapter by applying what we have learned to the implementation of a package for performing symbolic arithmetic on polynomials, in which the coefficients of the polynomials can be integers, rational numbers, complex numbers, and even other polynomials.

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